"A one-of-its-kind, customized online portal for your educational needs"


We are ...

… one of the pioneers of the book industry. With over 40 years of creating an ultimate experience for educational institutions, we had our humble and modest beginnings in 1971. Jyoti Book Depot is currently associated with over 500 affiliated schools for supply of books and meeting the other requirements that the school may have. We now operate out of major centres of the country, with offices at New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and head office at the beautiful sea-coast of Visakhapatnam. With a team of dedicated personnel, we ensure timely services to our patrons and ensure there is no lag in the quality expected out of us.

What we do ...

…is provide seamless service to our patrons and have over the years, been a treasure trove for students everywhere, pursuing all branches of studies. Along with the mainstream books, we also have auxiliaries like books with maps, language skills, extracurricular mathematics, practical science, et al. We also carry a range of notebooks and almost every kind of stationery that you can think of.

After successfully operating book counters at the respective school premises for years, we have finally taken the leap into the digital era. In an effort to move ahead of the times and provide our customers with the promised experience, we have launched “Queue less”, our online purchase portal for schools. It is more convenient and efficient for the students and their families.

QLess is a secure and customized web application which help the students procure their prescribed lists of texts and stationery items, from the comfort of their homes

What it means is no more:

  • Standing in queues
  • Wasting time & energy
  • Worrying about pending inventory

The online portal relieves

  • The working parent from taking casual leaves
  • Multiple visits to school counters for multiple children
  • Waiting for inventory to be replinished

Every parent will be able to access the portal using their personal mobile number that is registered with the school.

Once logged in they can view the list of school prescribed books and stationery items for their child or children.

After they verify / update their contact information, they can choose to pay by card

The order once placed is then delivered at their selected address.